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What is Multiply Cincinnati?

"Multiply Cincinnati exists to train up church leaders, plant churches and give hope to Cincinnati through the gospel of Jesus Christ"

To reach a city for the gospel, you don't just need one big church, you need multiple unique churches led by multiple unique individuals to reach a multitude of unique communities. That is why we are committed to the 3 core principles of training church leaders, planting churches and reaching Cincinnati withe the hope of gospel of Jesus Christ.

Training Church Leaders:

Before we can see churches multiply across Cincinnati, there must be those that take up the mantle of leading this future churches which is why we are dedicated to training current and future church leaders to take the gospel throughout our community, city and country. Lakota Bible Institute takes a multifaceted approach to training our church leaders. Church leaders need both a comprehensive theological foundation and practical and personal development.

To give our leaders a comprehensive theological foundation, we have the candidates go through The Biblical and Theological Center for Leaders and Pastors. This curriculum is a non-formal education used by missionaries worldwide to develop leaders, pastors and missionaries.

Additionally, our candidates go through SEND Network's Multiplication Pipeline where they are given practical principles to develop their personal and ministerial walk. This pipeline is used to train church planters across North America.

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Planting Churches:

God can do a lot with a single church, but to reach all people from all places for the gospel, we need churches for all people. God's plan to reach people from every tribe, tongue, people and nation consists of the local church reaching and transforming their specific community. That's why we want distinct churches to reach each unique community. We want to be Kingdom focused and see "[God's] Kingdom come [in Cincinnati] like it is in heaven." 


We partner with the SEND Network to see churches planted and multiplied across the Cincinnati Metro area. Cincinnati in particular has a great need for gospel preaching churches. While the state of Ohio as a whole has a ratio of 16,214:1 for residents to gospel preaching churches, within Cincinnati, that ratio shrinks to over 60,000:1.

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