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Why small groups

One of the goals at LHBC is to connect everyone who comes through our doors to gospel community, and we find small groups to be the most effective way of doing that. It is easy to hide in a crowd, but in a smaller group, you can connect with people in a different way and forge relationships that go beyond the church walls. We offer small groups centered on the Bible, others designed to serve the church or community and others just to have fellowship. If you are not currently involved in a small group of some sort, we would love to connect you to one of these small groups. Check them out below.

Sunday Morning Sunday School

We have small groups for all ages on Sunday mornings at  9:30 so people can go to a morning church service as well as plug into small group.

Adult small groups are available all three of those times.

Preschool and Children Sunday school is available at 9:30 and 11.

Youth Sunday school is available at 9:30.

If you have any questions or want to get plugged in, talk to Pastor Ryan Miller.

Wednesday Evening

We have a small group Bible study that meets from 7-8:15 on Wednesday during ESL, we go through different studies in the Bible as well as pray evangelistically for everyone involved in ESL. If you show up an hour earlier, share a meal with an ESL student and start building relationships. To learn more or get plugged in, contact Ryan Miller.

Women on Mission

Mission Study, Meal and Ministry.  We meet once a month on Tuesdays  11AM or 6PM.  See the bulletin for current date.  We organize mission offerings, Thanksgiving baskets and other mission events. 

To learn more or get plugged in, talk to Robin Smalley.

College and Career Small Group

Our college and career group is for...*gasp* young adults. We meet at 9:30 on Sundays and try to do one fun group activity each month. It's a great way to get to know other young people and build relationships outside of the church walls. Check the bulletin for the upcoming events. If you are interested in getting plugged in or have any questions, contact Ryan Miller.

Sidewalk/Lawncare Saints Service Group

This group of volunteers serve the church by cleaning the sidewalks and mowing the grass at the church as a way to serve the church as well as keep costs down. This allows the church to use it's funds more for community events and missions. If you are interested in serving or have questions, contact the office.

Baptist Bistro Service Group

These volunteer cooks and servers prepare a full meal every Wednesday for the ESL students, so they can practice their conversational English over a meal as they build their language skills and build relationships. They also are able to teach these students a bit about the culture and food in the US. The ESL students eat for free and other church members eat for $5 which helps pay for the ESL student's meal. Contact Robin Smalley if you want to serve with us or if you have any questions.

Legacy Fellowship Group

Legacy is an adult group designed to build relationships and fellowship with others. Legacy hosts an event every other month from community Christmas concerts to, Octoberfest, these events are a blast, and we would love to see you next time. Refer to the bulletin for upcoming Legacy events. If you are interested in getting involved or have questions, contact Jan and Greg Burch.

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