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Youth Ministry

Sunday Bible Study

On Sunday morning our students look to study the Bible in two groups that consist of 7th-9th graders and 10th-12th graders at 9:00 AM. Here is where students can learn through discussion how to be a Christian in everyday life.

Paressia 120

Paressia is the Greek word for boldness. Paul uses this word in Philippians 1:20 where he declares that he will make the gospel known with boldness. In this Wednesday night Bible study students will deeply discuss various books and stories of the Bible looking to answer the why questions.


Once a month the youth group gets together after a Sunday evening service and just simply hangs out. Whether at the church or at a hosting house we look to build relationships just by spending quality time together. To sign up to be a host home or to gain more information contact Pastor Ryan

Monthly Activities

Once a month the youth group does a structured activity. Some of these include anywhere from Christmas parties, to community service projects, to lock-in, and Summer camp. For more information on the upcoming events feel free to contact Pastor Ryan.

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