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Lakota Bible Institute's Purpose:

The Lakota Bible Institute (LBI) is designed to intentionally equip church leaders – To teach current and future pastors and church leaders in a non-formal, local setting with a qualified teacher in a discipleship relationship. We will emphasize the assimilation of biblical principles, concepts, truths and personal spiritual growth. 


LBI functions by pairing training of The Biblical and Theological Center for Leaders and Pastors along with North American Mission Board's Assessment for potential church leaders. The BTCL & BTCP curriculum is used worldwide by International Mission Board missionaries who seek to develop leaders and pastors in places devoid of resources for biblical and theological training. This curriculum provides the essential equivalent of a basic Bible College education. Additionally, NAMB's Assessment for potential church leaders gives the student an opportunity to be assessed individually to discover their strengths as well as shore up their weaknesses. These two curriculum mesh beautifully to help develop a student by growing one's Biblical knowledge and theological training as well as fostering one's spiritual development and maturity.


Two Paths:

 There are two paths available to those interested: the 5 course BTCL path for biblically and theologically sound church leaders, and the 10 course BTCP path for those that feel called to be a pastor, missionary or church planter. Each course will be approximately 40-60 hours. Each course costs $30, which will cover the classroom textbook. The only other text necessary is an approved  study Bible. Click here to see more detailed document summarizing the two paths.


LBI will be happening Sundays 6-8pm at Lakota Hills Baptist Church. The cost is $30 per course which covers the text for that course and $30 for the NAMB assessment. The two offered courses start September 9th and go through December 16th. 

Student Expectations:

To be able to receive the certificate for the completed training, one must attend 75% of classes. Each week, there is 2 hours spent in class time and approximately 2 hours of work to be done outside of the classroom.

Old Testament Survey:

(2nd half of the Old Testament)

Course Instructor: Pastor Travis Smalley


Course Description:

This course serves as a broad overview of the Old Testament that gives students a clear view of God's grand plan of redemption that ultimately points to the coming of Christ.  This semester we are finishing up the class starting in Ezra, Nehemiah, and Esther as well as going through the Books of Poetry and the Major and Minor Prophets. Click here to see a more in depth explanation of the course.

Course Schedule:*subject to change

Personal, Spiritual Life:

Course Instructor: Pastor Ryan Miller


Course Description:

This course covers topics like developing a healthy spiritual life, knowing God's Will, battling temptation, learning about spiritual warfare and more. Whether you have just recently given your life to Christ, or have been a Christian for decades, this class will help you grow your spiritual life.  Click here to see a more in depth explanation of the course.

Course Schedule:​ *subject to change

Auditing LBI:



All of these courses are free to audit at any time at an individual's preferred pace. We would love for you to come sit in on a class and benefit from the fantastic teaching and content covered. However, we will not be able to supply someone auditing a class with a book nor will they receive a certificate of completion for auditing a course.

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